Deer At Ease is not a urine based scent, which means it will last for years on the shelf. You will no longer waste money on scents you must discard due to a short shelf life. Deer At Ease will also work any time of the year. Deer At Ease has helped harvest deer from September through December, even during the rut. This eliminates the guess work of whether your using the right scent at the right time. If dispersed properly Deer At Ease will not only help cover your human scent but also works as a curiosity scent as well as an attractant. The DVD, which explains how to disperse Deer At Ease, also has seven exciting hunts, with five impact shots on quality deer, so I suggest first time users purchase the DVD scent combo. All the deer harvested on the DVD were done so with only the use of Deer At Ease. Like most of you, I work for a living, so I want my time in the woods to be as productive as possible. Deer At Ease has given me the advantage I need and it will do the same for you.